Welcome to The Archive of Life! We are a group of people who have been blogging independently for the past few years and have decided to come together to form one large superblog!

The Archive will be a place for all kinds of content, some family friendly (SFW) and some NSFW, we will be talking about our lives, giving advice on topics we know a lot about (or think we do), and generally interacting with readers. There will be posts about gender, and posts about food, posts about family, along with sex and sexuality, plus loads more.

Please do take a look around, use the search bar, check out the different categories, and give us a follow. We have old posts from our relative blogs on here too, so feel free to check those out to get a bit of a feel for what we will be posting.

In terms of the founders of this, three are from the UK, and one from the US who will be regular posters, with posts from others around the globe from time to time.

MxMarmite (Kai) is a non-binary person who ran the blog Kai’s Life in Words. They chose to take part in The Archive as a way to get back onto the blogging scene, whilst working with two great friends. Kai is disabled and diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s. They work as a carer in their daily life and love nothing more than listening to a good book or playing on their Xbox with an animal on their lap.

TCAusten (Tyler) is an agender gay human (who is happy to be addressed as male) who’s writing has been both notorious and controversial. They are 31, a chronic illness sufferer, political activist and occasional speaker. They recently came out of writing retirement after a break away to deal with personal issues but have now come back to join us on this project. Tyler’s loves are equality, cats, the crunchy noise you get from an autumn leaf, indie games on Xbox and their mumma.

Hoochiecoochiehotsauce (Shannon) is a straight female who ran the blog hoochiecoochiehotsauce before Tumblr took it down. She chose The Archive as a way to help others in their sex lives and parental lives as well. Shannon works as a childcare teacher (6weeks-12 years), chef, and maintenance person. Shannon loves nothing more then her child , spouse, sex, a good book and a cup of tea or coffee.