Review – Tyler: Model 005

(This post doesn’t contain spoilers outside of the game description)

So I was told to buy this game on the sole premise that I’m a small human called Tyler and my wheelchair makes me look like a robot. I debated it and after a while my cyborg ass got this game in December and it took until yesterday for me to finally get the chance to play this.

Before I continue I would like to say what this game is about and where to get it. I got it in the Microsoft store for Xbox one, and it was just under £10. It is a puzzle game / platform game set in the 1950s about this little robot who tries to find himself and work out why he exists. You can customise Tyler with lots of items that you find and you can fight bugs.

That is all I know… You want to know why that’s all I know? I managed half an hour of playing it before I gave it up.

The controls are awful, its not as pretty as the trailer implies and the game is so slow I could actually feel myself get older as I was playing it for that half hour. Who ever suggested that I should play it, you can go eat barbed wire. I love you, but go eat barbs. Now I might have just been run down, or just having a bad day.. But your talking to someone who HAD to complete little big planet. I also speed ran life is strange the same day after trying Tyler, because I didn’t want a terrible gaming day. It’s not like I don’t like puzzle games or platforms (trust platforms are in my list of favourite genres) IT JUST HANDLED SO BADLY IT WAS LIKE ACTUALLY STEERING MY WHEELCHAIR IN THE SNOW. And as for “charging up with lights” .. The spaces between the light and the objective is just impossible.

I may give this game another go and maybe another review but until then this game is getting the thumbs down because I just hated playing it so much.

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