Review: Kingdom Hearts III

Article dedicated to my Freddie Bear, for without you this post would have been physically impossible. Thank you.

This post also contains zero spoilers. Not because I don’t want to, but because my partner still hasn’t seen the ending yet and they get super salty when they can’t read something I’ve posted.

Up until a couple of months ago, I didn’t know what Kingdom Hearts was. I will happily admit that. I had no clue what this game was not what it was even about until one day I saw one of my favourite streamers (Ruffles) play this bizarre game that was half final fantasy/half Disney and I was curious as to how it played. On the day of the KH3 launch the same streamer did a subathon (streaming for as long as possible. You add more time if you donate, sub, ect) with this game and I just fell in love with the graphics, the story and everything. I wanted to play it so badly and later on that week my friend requested my Amazon wish list and and KH3 arrived at my door the next day. I installed it and an hour later (god bless our fast internet speeds at home) I was playing it.

26 hours and 11 seconds later (not including the sleep, toilet and food breaks) I had finished the story mode.. and I have no regrets… and I mean no actual regrets at all.

The game is honestly one of the most visually stunning solo player games I have placed my hands on since MGS3 when it launched into PS2 for the first time. There is not only an introduction to the story in the intro credits but there is also a dedicated catch up in the menu which is about 15 minutes long which helps anyone who doesn’t know the story so far, or needs to catch up.

The world’s are MASSIVE.. really really big. It is like watching several Disney films in one go and you are not disappointed about this. The game controls are easy to pick up and there is subtitles which are on by default.

The downsides. At the start you have save points a plenty, but as you get further into the game they are not spaced out as well as they could be. Be prepared for this. Potion the fuck up. You will have a couple of songs stuck in your head that you wished you didn’t…also you might want to grab some tissues for the ending.

When you complete the story line, this is not the end of the game. You have so much more to find and do that you will not be bored. Also you have a shit ton of mini games to play.

The score.. Honestly I don’t think games are going to get better than this, this year so I have to give it 5 stars out of five. I wasted a whole weekend playing video games and I have no regrets


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