Review: Crackdown 3

Last week “Crackdown 3” was released and whilst it was sent straight to game pass on launch night, it was anticipated to be a good game with the hopes that people would be enticed in with the hype of Terry Crews being a featured character. God bless that man.

For those who don’t know about the game, it’s a third person shooter where you have to level up your character and complete missions. It has a bit of a grand theft auto vibe in that you can steal cars and just start shooting people at any point, but essentially you need to take out the bad guys and get the city back in order. You can do this as a solo or a co-op game.

Game play. It’s pretty easy to play. You point, you shoot, you move on to the next thing. The down side is that it is very repetitive and all the missions are similar, then you fight a boss that is either really easy or vastly complicated to get to and takes a million grenade shots to the face to take down.

It’s an ok game in my opinion. It’s not complicated and it’s a good time waster if you don’t have anything else to play but certainly if it wasn’t on game pass, I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, and I certainly couldn’t justify the £30 price tag it is priced at currently.

They have created a multiplayer vs mode with this game and honestly I tried it and I’m kind of disappointed in how it functions. The games take too long to load up and the maps are quite basic. You also only have two modes. One which is a capture the flag type and another where you have to kill people and take their badges. This has been a format that is almost out dated these days that had been already done in the old Halo games. If it eventually speeds up the time between multiplayer games then I might give it another go, but right now, honestly, I see no point.

All in all, celebrity endorsement aside, it wasn’t one of the best games I have tried lately and the format seems over tired. However if you have nothing better to do right now and you have game pass, I would download it and give it a go.

Review rating: – 2/5


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