A – Agender

Agender – part of the transgender and non binary umbrella. Often when a person’s gender is void or a feeling of non existance. Some agender people might have masculine or feminine presentation, they may be male or female aligned, or they may be entirely androgynous. There isn’t a set way for a particular person to look if they are agender.

I wanted to do this whole post about being agender and what it is like (as it’s something I am but I remembered that I had written something similar before), and since whilst I’m writing this right now, it’s trans day of visibility, I feel over whelmed by it all. It’s difficult because there is always so many questions. Often about what my genitals are, what was I born, how do I fuck? Questions that really shouldn’t be asked by completely random strangers, but it happens so often. I have become so exhausted explaining my gender and my void towards it. I’m frustrated having to explain that whilst I’m agender, I’m male aligned and that I’m gay.

There is so much misinformation about non binary identities and so much confusion. Everyone thinks that’s it’s a new western concept, but genders outside the the traditional male and female have been in existance for 1000s of years. There is a belief that we are all the same and will have the same androgynous expressions and default to neutral pronouns. That every non binary person will have bright hair, he skinny, be able bodied, have zero body hair and assigned female at birth.

Being agender just means that you are void of gender. It means that there is nothingness. It doesn’t mean that everyone is the same though.

The image for this blog post is a card with the agender flag on it. Whilst the A-Z Challenge is happening, this year we are making things to go with our blog posts. If you would like to know more about this, or to see more of our projects, please visit here to. All funding raised this month will go towards the funding of the created items for these posts and anything left over will be covering the cost to run this site.


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