B – Blue

When I think of blue, I think of depressive moods. I think of sadness and isolation. It feels like it’s a mist around me that needs to be stopped. It’s meant to be the sky, the sea, the symbolism of masculinity (I tried not to laugh at the thought that a certain gender equates to a colour, but some people believe that). It’s also the colour for transport links in London also, and I’m normally only there for hospital visits, which are also often blue or green.

It’s also a pretty primary colour, so I tried to make a card out of just the colour blue. It was very difficult because I have a weird negative association with the colour blue. I don’t know why, it just always makes me feel sad. But I did it anyway, and you know what, it actually felt quite therapeutic to do it.

Blue reminds me that I need to process why I have certain feelings and associations. It tells me that I need to reflect on my life and work towards better mental health. There are many shades of blue out there and I feel like I’m missing out on something by not actively wanting to use it for bizarre and irrational reasons.

Whilst you’re here, this year’s A-Z Challenge is also having a side project with it. Each post shall have a craft and art theme to it, as part of the Making Mxtakes Patreon posts. If you would like to learn more about what I’m doing and possibly learn a few things to make and do, please click the link.


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