C – Craft

For the sake of my mental health and to stop epic boredom setting in whilst I was bed bound and chronically ill, I started going back to the one thing I loved doing more than anything. Arts and craft.

I started knitting back in 2013 just after my mum took it up. Up until the end of last year I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush or anything since about 2010. I got back into painting after my mum gently reminded me how much I enjoyed it and I try to take time out through the weeks to do it.

Earlier this year I got given the opportunity to be a demonstrator for stampin up (a card and ink stamp company) and took up making alternative cards and paper craft items. It has helped my moods drastically and gives me time and opportunity to experiment with things I wouldn’t often consider trying normally. I now have a stream, which I will talk about more on tomorrow’s post, and I write instructional posts on patreon a couple of times a week for subscribers. It has given me the chance to merge both my love for writing and craft work together, which has made me happy.

This year I’m going to spend more time doing arts and craft work than I have done in a long time, and I hope next year I would have done enough that I can show off a display for all that I have done.


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