D – Dlive

For those who do not know what Dlive is, it is a streaming platform very similar to twitch and mixer where people can both watch streamers who are on the site or stream to the site. It’s a platform I use (tcausten) and it’s probably one of the better streaming platforms for first time streamers or those who struggle to use twitch. The difference with this platform unlike others is that you don’t have to be partner to get paid for streaming and you earn points whilst watching your favourite streamers, for free, which you can keep for yourself and cash out for real money, or donate them to streamers.

I started streaming about a month ago and it’s been super fun. It can be highly stressful because I am terrible at multi tasking, and doing streams that are predominantly painting and craft work is certainly tough when most of the people who are streaming are doing games, but it is fun.

If you want to start streaming, I should give you some advice. You will not make a lot of money out of it unless you have a massive following. It’s not a thing to do if you only want to do it for the money. Do not start out by spending thousands of pounds on top streaming equipment, because you can’t guarantee your money back and you will just be pissed off with yourself for owning loads of expensive stuff.

Set yourself a schedule of streaming and try and stick to it. If you do regular times, more people will know your schedule and be more inclined to watch you. Try and be interactive with your viewers, you don’t need a camera on you but you need a microphone at least. Finally, if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. There is nothing worse than watching someone who doesn’t want to be doing what they are doing.

I’m intending to be streaming 3 times a week at set times, because painting and craft work is quite exhausting even without the camera on me and explaining what I’m doing each time. I have it set for 3-4 hours unless it’s a special occasion, as I don’t want to burn myself out, but I expect that it will change later on when I find multi tasking so much easier.

So yeah, Dlive. It’s a thing you should check out. Also I stress that I am not paid to endorse them, nor to I receive any perks, I just think it’s a super cool platform that many people don’t actually know about.

Currently all of the A-Z April posts are currently being worked on along side this patreon . Please feel free to check it out or even share it. All help is always welcome


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