G – Goals

This year I’ve set myself a few goals, and whilst I am not putting pressure on myself massively to complete them, I am still trying my hardest to see what I can do this year. I have already sold one painting which was on the top of the list, and we finally got a paid for blog site (which is this one) but I still have a few goals for this time next year to try and do

I want to actually start hitting at least $300 a month on my patreon , my ultimate goal is $1200 a month on patreon but I know that will take a very long time to get to those numbers. I want to start making about $200 a month on Dlive too, so it covers the costs for my art streams. I want to set up a etsy account for the things I have made to, so I can start selling them.

There is the collective goal on this site to make $100 in a year from the website, so that covers the costs of running the website for next year.

Those are currently my goals for this year. What are your goals, feel free to comment what they are in the comments section


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