I – Incomplete

I have a million started projects, things I havnt had time to complete or I have got bored or I got too sick to complete. The past 2 years I failed to complete the A-Z challenge because I got sick, but i have slowly learned that it’s ok to not complete everything I start, and that it’s perfectly ok go back to things at a later point if I want to.

There are half made cards at home, knitting projects that I’ve started and not picked up months later and paintings where I did ten seconds of it and didn’t have the energy to carry on. I have many things that I need to continue with, and that’s fine. There is always time to carry on or restart something again.

It’s taken a lot for me to tell my brain that it’s not wasteful or wrong to not finish things, and I still have a lot of issues with my brain thinking that it’s not fine to not finish anything, but I can’t keep doing stuff all the time. Hell I might not even complete this challenge again this year, but it’s ok. I can always try again next year if I fail. Hopefully I won’t, but I need to stop being so hard on myself.

Whilst you are here, please check out my patreon , all money raised goes towards future projects.


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