J – Justice

I am super super tired currently, so I have taken something I wrote a couple of years ago, and reposting this.

This word came with a question. So I assume my post should be based around that.

Should justice be served hot or cold?

I suppose the answer would entirely depend on the crime. If someone cheated at Scrabble or ate the last slice of cake, then yes, serve that revenge up cold.
However, justice and laws become complicated with the severity of the crime. I could go on about how I feel about police brutality, and how racism is rife in the “justice” sector, but I feel like it will be something I go on further when this month ends. Its wrong and it needs to be fair.
I feel like this word brings up more questions then answers. Like what gives you the right to be a judge? Should the current justice system be scrapped and a different system formed? Should the police be better regulated? That answer is obviously yes.
I’m sorry to who chose this word. This is the most you are going to get out of me because I feel I need time to give an adequate response to the question.

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