L – Love

Its another one where I really didn’t have the energy to write or do something today, so I have taken this from my old blog and reposted it here. Monday should be back to normal, I have just wanted to make sure there is at least something posted each day.

This was another word that had a question with the word, so I think that means I have to write about that specifically. As soon I saw the question, its caused me to panic, but I’m a man of my word and I agreed to take on this challenge.

When was the first time you felt love?

I assume the person is asking about relationship love and not family love. Ok, so in all honesty I could count the times I thought I was in love when I was a teenager, but the very first time was when I was 17 and it was with my ex Aidy. I was with him for on and off 7 years and we are still luckily friends. I suppose the reasons why we broke up meant that we would still be friends at the end of it. We had a great run and there is certainly no bitterness between us or the break up, but because he has a private life now and is in a relationship that makes him happy, I don’t talk about our past without him agreeing.


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