V and W – Videos and Writing

Life has kind of got to me but I’m really determined to try and get to the end of this challenge and attempt to get back to writing normally. Unfortunately I’m at a point where I can only do one or two small things each day before I get totally exhausted and unable to do anything else. That’s why I have done two letters for one day at times, because I just cannot function. April always exhausts me and puts a huge strain on me trying to write but hopefully i can just learn to manage my time and illnesses at some point in my life.

I have taken to making videos when I do my creative art work. This has saved me trying to remember how I do things. It has been weird to learn how to talk on camera and I really do struggle when I go live and do my streaming but I am getting better at being able to film stuff.

Photo is different from the rest of them. We are fostering a snail currently and I adore them so much, so rather than a piece of creative work, you get Michelle.


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